Chapter 59: Healing

“What happened?” Gunther asked hoarsely. He’d thought Valois was indestructible. Seeing him like this was both shocking and frightening.

“He almost entirely depleted his power saving your friend’s life,” Elsanine replied. “Her magic is anomalous, and was so loose and unchecked that it would have begun to consume her within a matter of hours. We had to work together to save her, and Valois needed to reach into the highest levels of his craft to do so.”

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  1. I like that they can still communicate mentally, or at the very least Valois can still hear him.
    Does Elsanine have a significant other to spend time with? Or had one at some point?

    • I should probably have made it a little clearer, but the communication in thoughts was between Gunther and Elsanine. Valois is still too weak to converse that way, although he can probably hear Gunther’s thoughts if they’re directed at him. The fact that he can barely summon a huff of sound to his lips shows he’s absolutely all-in, completely beat. If he’d not been immortal, he would be very close to death, even with Elsanine’s healing and Gunther’s presence.

      I don’t know yet whether Elsanine currently has a significant other, as he’s a very new character to me. I’m leaning towards ‘yes,’ though. (And I’d love to make him controversial among his own kind by having him take a vampire as a lover, or something! That might be interesting, not least for the fact that vampires can only access the Veil during the Resting seasons, so they would be apart for seven years and seven months every full seasonal cycle.)

      • No worries you made it super clear that it was Elsanine and Gunther communicating, I just liked that Valois materialized a chair for him. It was Valois right?

        • Heh, nope! Valois is absolutely out of magic. His power is so depleted that he can’t even speak, let alone do something like materialise a chair for Gunther to sit in. He’s utterly exhausted. Elsanine had been sitting in that chair for a while before he went to fetch Gunther and bring him to the Veil. It may have been my choice of words – “drawn up beside the bed” – that made you think Valois put the chair there. All I meant was that one of the chairs in the room had been pulled closer to the bed for someone to sit in and keep watch over Valois.

          Think of magical power as the petrol in a car. As Elsanine explained, most magical gifts stop working when the needle touches the red, so that the car (in other words: the witch) doesn’t run out completely, and still has enough power to go about daily life and – more importantly – to get back into the Veil* to replenish their power (in other words: refill the tank). However, crystal magic (which Valois was using to save Natalie) is the ‘petrol’ that just burns and burns until there’s nothing but fumes left. That’s why it’s so dangerous. Elsanine would never have asked Valois to use it if they weren’t already in the Veil and he himself wasn’t around to look after and heal Valois afterwards.

          *A kind of ’emergency power’ can be obtained by walking among nature in the world of reality, but for true replenishment a witch needs to walk in the Veil. I guess – while we’re on the use of analogies – the ’emergency power’ is like a backup generator or a spare battery, and it’s usually enough for most witches who use normal everyday magic. Esme and Natalie, for example, would have no problem keeping their ‘tanks filled up’ by simply walking in the woods or wading through the surf. But for the likes of Valois, who regularly use much more powerful magic, replenishment in the Veil is much better. While he could replenish in the real world, it would take days and days, but in the Veil it would only take a few hours. In the state he’s in right now, if he was in the real world, he’d be in a coma, and – unless someone spirited him out of the hospital and took him somewhere in the middle of nature – he’d remain in that coma.

  2. Oh no I have caught up!!

    I have been quietly reading this from the beginning over the past few days and am totally hooked and need more :D I am sorry I did not comment until now but I have been too engrossed.

    I have never liked the Goth family and played with them once in all my time of playing sims3 – but now I have to say I am a little hooked on Gunther – lol

    I hope it is not long before the next update!!

    • Awww, thank you so much!

      Hehehe! I’m slowly reeling people in to playing and liking the Goths; if not Cornelia (tbh, I never liked her much anyway) but definitely Gunther. Even the default version of him, without all the CC that I use on him, is my favourite pre-made Sim.

      The story is on a very short hiatus at the moment, while I acclimatise to a new job (which is knackering me out!), but I should be back and updating by next weekend (15th/16th August). So, not long to wait for the next chapter :)

      • Great I am looking forward to the next update :D

        I have actually fished Gunther out of SV to play with since I started to read this – so yeah I will be playing with him. LOL
        I am pretty addicted to Marty Keaton – I really don’t know, I think it is his game traits and the things he does in my game while left to freewill.

        I hope your new job is going well!! I am on a small hiatus myself from my rainbowacy, due to my gran passing away, so I have been doing a lot of reading while my head is not into writing.

        • Sorry to hear about your gran. I lost my last surviving grandparent a couple of years ago, and it left me feeling bereft.

          I just wrote a ‘Create-a-Gunther’ post on Tumblr, listing all of the CC that I use (and the small tweak I made to his face) so – if you use CC in your game and you want your Gunther to look as he does in this story – head to this post :-)

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