Admin: Two-week hiatus

I am really sorry about this. I just can’t get a chapter out right now, unless it’s text-only. Let me try to show you why.

My editing schedule at the moment:

  • 69,000-word novel (due: Sunday August 2nd) – 134 pages
  • 60,000-word novel (due: Sunday August 2nd) – 122 pages
  • 79,700-word novel (due: Monday August 10th) – 188 pages

That’s 129,000 words and 196 pages to edit (pages in Word, not industry standard* pages) by Sunday.

*Industry standard = 250 words per page. So that’s 516 pages.

At full pelt, I edit at between 15 to 20 (MS Word) pages per hour, and these are line edits, so using the lower end of that amount I have about 13 hours of work ahead of me. However, since I use the Pomodoro Technique of timing and motivating myself (since I work from home) I have a half hour break every two hours, which adds another 6.5 hours to the time. In total, then, I have to free up 19.5 hours across the next three days just to get these done in time.

You might think, “What are you complaining about? I could happily read two books in three days!” Sure, so could I… if I was reading as a reader, as opposed to reading as an editor.

Imagine reading the first one and a half books in the Harry Potter series, sentence-by-sentence, checking for punctuation, grammar, spelling, use of names vs personal pronouns (this can really affect the flow of a story if not done correctly), consistency, repetition of words (surprisingly common), etc etc., and making comments and corrections as you go. That’s what I have to do over the next three days.

The line editor generally isn’t there to discuss story arc or make sure you understand how to use a dialogue tag. Instead, they are there to make sure you are putting out the best quality product possible. Line editors will go over each sentence to make sure it is ready for publication. They check for grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency and word usage (Is he your Principle or your PrinciPAL?) and can often assist with rewriting/rewording sections that need help. [ source ]

And then I have the equivalent of the first Harry Potter book to read again in the week after that.

In short, my dear people, I’m not going to have time to open my game up and spend the hours that it always takes me to get screenshots. In fact, the last time that I had time to play The Sims was July 17th.

The good news is that I’m starting a new job on Monday. It’s a physical (as in: I have to walk there and do manual stuff) salaried job, as opposed to sitting on my arse at home and staring at a screen for hours and hours per day. And, while I’ll have two more edits coming my way before December (one of them as big as the two I currently have on my plate) when I get home from this new job I’ll be able to do whatever I want, instead of having to work, work, work until (sometimes) 2am.

And that is when normal service will resume, after I’ve had a week to sort my thoughts, get settled into this new job, actually open up my game, and play.

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