Chapter 60: Revelations

“Hrr? Whassamatter?”

Natalie came awake with a start, opening her eyes and staring up at… oh. Gunther. She blinked, scrubbed a hand over her eyes, then glanced around. Right then. She was still in the Veil, and Gunther was perched on the edge of the bed she’d fallen asleep on, smiling down at her.

“Hi there,” he murmured, ignoring the tongue she stuck out at him. “Sorry to wake you from your beauty sleep, but Valois is recovered enough that we need to take him to the Grove. Elsanine wanted me to tell you that you can either return to reality, or you can come with us.”

“If you think I’m going to go home when I’m the reason he’s like this, then you’ve got another think coming,” Natalie mumbled. “But first, who do I have to murder to get a coffee around here?”

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  1. I didn’t quite understand when Natalie said “nobody else has seen you wincing when you shove your hands in your pockets.” It also looks like Nats been reading fifty shades grey!

    • Hehehe! She’s seen him do that (and commented on it, too, the little minx) and from that she knows he’s been over-enthusiastic with Valois the night before, and subsequently from that she surmised that he was the bottom in the relationship. In short: shoving his hands in his pants pockets tightens his pants around his backside, causing a bit of pressure on an already rather sore place ;)

      And yes, those were the books that she had in her desk drawer for ages! They’ve been alluded to several times so far. They’re the books that Gunther admitted reading “a bit of” when he was staying in his office suite one night, to Valois’s amusement. *grins*

  2. This was beautiful :-) I’m happy you finally have time to write again. Something troubles me though (as usually). Valois… punishes Gunther? What does that have to do with being submissive/dominant? It seems like Valois slowly takes away every last drop of Gunther’s free will. I’m probably (again, as usually) overreacting, but still…
    Ahh! This story drives me mad! It has a lot of stuff i don’t agree with, and I still can’t help but love it like crazy! How do you write so well?!

    // Elin

    • Aww, thank you so much! *blushes*

      Valois doesn’t punish Gunther as such, no. Rather: Gunther worried that he had gone against his master’s wishes, so he thought he deserved punishment. He was expecting a spanking, or even a night spent in that cell in the Veil. He’s never gone against Valois’s wishes before, so he had no idea what to expect if his actions were disobedient. In fact, Valois would register his displeasure at misbehaviour by his boy in a different way: he’d withhold his attention for a few hours, making Gunther kneel quietly in a corner with his gaze fixed on his master – who would be patently ignoring him (reading a book or a newspaper, as if Gunther wasn’t even there). Such a ‘punishment’ as this, even, would be followed by a lot of love and cuddles to reassure Gunther, because Valois knows the lesson would sink deep and Gunther would never forget it.

      Valois isn’t so much taking away Gunther’s free will (he’s said before that he doesn’t want a mindless slave) as he is ensuring that Gunther always considers his master’s wishes before making a decision, and that he makes no decision – unless under duress or extreme circumstances – that Valois wouldn’t approve of. And, since Valois’s wishes are mainly about protecting Gunther from external harm, Gunther understands and accepts that.

  3. I am really glad that you are back.

    I guess that must have been very embarrassing for Gunther having to admit his submissive side and show himself in front of Natalie. I hope that Valois recovers soon.

    I really enjoyed this chapter and can not wait for more :)

    • Thank you! Yes, poor Gunther was horribly embarrassed by having to make that admission. For him it’s a power and respect thing. Natalie is his employee, his subordinate (regardless of their friendly relationship). Having her see him that vulnerable (and you can’t get much more vulnerable than being naked) and also submissive, is a difficult thing for him to deal with. But he respected her enough that he knew he couldn’t just suddenly blindside her by walking out of Valois’s room, nude and collared, so he forewarned her.

  4. I loved this chapter! I was so glad to see a new chapter uploaded. It seriously made my day. This chapter was amazing and I’m glad Natalie took it well when Gunther explained, as embarrassing as it was.

    • Thank you! Heh, I think Gunther was somewhat amazed at how well Natalie took it. Mind you, he’s not daft: he knows he can expect lots of little jokes about it at some point ;)

  5. It’s interesting to me to see the what happens between a couple when the one who was always strong becomes weak, whether from sickness, grief, etc. In Gunther’s case, there was no doubt that he would literally do anything for Valois.

    Both Gunther and Natalie dealt extremely well with such an awkward and intimate conversation. I was proud of Gunther for being able to explain his relationship with Valois so bluntly and yet delicately at the same time because he said it softly and then gave Natalie time to absorb it. I love that Natalie accepts Gunther, without judgment, and knows when she can tease him about his love life and when it’s best to keep it to herself. I’m wondering if any of the awkwardness will carry over to the next time Gunther and Natalie are in the office. She’s seen and heard a lot today. Perhaps it’ll make it easier on Gunther now that it’s all in the open and he doesn’t have to worry as much about Natalie catching him and Valois in a compromising position.

    • I’ve been pondering that potential for awkwardness back at the office myself. I think they’ll be mostly okay, because Natalie was already becoming quite cheeky before all of this, cracking little jokes here and there, so their working relationship was more akin to a close friendship than anything else. When it comes down to business, though, she’s perfectly capable of being professional. As for Gunther, he might feel a bit squirmy-uncomfortable at times, but he’ll just get on with things as he always has.

      And yes, Gunther would do absolutely anything for Valois. He’s so deeply in love, that if Valois needed anything from him he would only need to ask it and Gunther would happily do it.

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