Chapter 61: Stars

Elsanine smiled. “In the Veil there is a concept similar to the earthly notion of ‘soulmates’. Here it is called aeternus, which has a meaning of ‘eternal and everlasting’. We take a vow for life, which is far more binding than that of earthly marriage vows.”

Natalie grimaced. “Yeah, I know how easily those can be broken,” she muttered. Then she looked over at Gunther and Valois. Gunther was still curled up in the same position, but his head was now resting back against Valois’s shoulder. The expression of peace and contentment on his face made Natalie’s heart ache.

“God,” she whispered. “He looks like the stars have been handed to him on a plate.”

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  1. *Squints at Reya* A while back I asked if we’d ever see Arcturus in the story and you said it wasn’t likely. Oh Reya, you sly devil you ;) And thanks for putting in that translation for us. Sometimes I forget all I gotta do is hover over the text. Anyways, I can’t wait til Valois is healthy enough to fill his “heart.”

    • Well who do you think put the idea into my head? *squints back atcha* XD

      Valois is very much looking forward to filling his heart again. Repeatedly, until it’s sore and happy ;)

  2. lmao @ your above comment –
    Valois is very much looking forward to filling his heart again. Repeatedly, until it’s sore and happy ;)
    I just choked on my yoghurt laughing!! :)

    I too can’t wait until Valois is fully recovered.
    I am excited to know what the Veils plans are for Natalie. I really enjoy this Veil side of the story.

    • Hehehe! Gunther says he really enjoys being Valois’s heart (he is “mon cœur“, after all!), and it’s the one time he doesn’t actually mind heartache. In fact, he looks forward to it ;)

      You’ll be finding out what the Veil has planned for Natalie quite soon, because I’ll be moving the story forward by a couple of months in the coming chapters. We have an important event to get to!

  3. Arcturus is a great addition to the story. It’s a good thing he wasn’t there when Natalie was walking behind Gunther because, seriously, dat ass! She must’ve had naughty thoughts or at least conflicted ones. I don’t think Arcturus would’ve been as subtle as Elsanine about Natalie’s attraction.

    I love how Arcturus teases Valois. (He must be fun to write!) There have already been several comments about the full heart. You must’ve had a smile on your face when you came up with that line. It certainly brought a smile to mine.

    • Hehe! I’ll admit that I sat here giggling when I wrote that line. Arcturus is a very sexual creature (a quick peek at my recent Tumblr posts will confirm that!) and he’s full of innuendo. I can just picture him teasing Valois about his dominant proclivities (as well as his colourful past) on many an occasion.

      As to Natalie, she was slighly mesmerised by dat ass, but she was equally mesmerised by the fact that it was snowing all around her, yet she was warm and comfortable and there was a soft green grassy path beneath her bare feet, rather than snow and ice. Bless her, the Veil is so new and weird, she’s like a kid in a candy store with it right now ;)

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