Deleted Scene: Age

Here is another deleted scene from the story, while I get together the screenshots for Chapter 64. You can take this one as canon for the story :)

“It feels so odd to know that I’ll never see myself getting old,” Gunther mused as he fussed with his hair in the bathroom mirror one morning and noted that it could do with a trim.

“You get used to it,” was the reply as Valois stepped out of the shower and reached for a towel. “Nobody enjoys getting old, with its attendant wrinkles and aches and pains, so there is a good side to it.”

Instinctively, Gunther took the towel from Valois’s hands and began to dry him, earning himself a caress of his hair and a whispered “Thank you, mon cœur.”

“I know. Hell I remember how wonderful it felt when you healed my knees. Those first few days without hearing them crack whenever I knelt or crouched felt odd, but really nice. But… I dunno. I’m just curious, I guess.”

Valois watched him quietly, until his skin was dry and the towel folded back over the rail. Then, with a wave of one hand, he was suddenly dressed.

Gunther chuckled. “That has got to be so fucking handy, especially if you wake up late for work!”

“Indeed,” Valois murmured, taking Gunther’s hand. “Come with me. I have something to show you.”

He led Gunther into the bedroom. Another hand-wave and a full-length mirror appeared by the wall.

“You wish to see yourself as an old man, mon cœur? Truly?”

Gunther bit his lip. “Well, only temporarily. Just as long as I return to my usual self afterwards. Can you do that?”

“It will take a great deal more magical effort than usual, for I would join you in age so that you don’t feel strange standing beside me while I remain youthful. But yes, I can do that. Do you still wish to see it?”

Gunther held his breath for a moment, then nodded.

“Very well.”

Gunther had seen Valois cast many spells before now, but none quite like this one. Usually, Valois was silent, and a wave of one hand or the sharp snap of his fingers sufficed to cast the enchantment. This time, he was murmuring something—words that Gunther couldn’t catch or understand—and his left hand made complicated movements, his fingers twisting and curling almost unnaturally, making Gunther wince. The air shimmered around them both, their reflections in the mirror fading and reappearing several times, limned with a beautiful iridescent sheen.

And then Gunther stared as he watched his reflection’s hair slowly turn a silvery grey. Even more astonishing to him was seeing Valois’s hair do the same. Valois had told him that he could not change his hair or eye colour as part of his simple illusions—simple to him, anyway—but he was doing so now. This had to be one hell of a powerful spell.

The murmuring ceased and Gunther was transfixed by the mirror. His reflection was that of an elderly man, his face wrinkled, his hair silver, his shoulders a little stooped. But, he was surprised to admit, he still looked pretty good. And as for Valois…

“Myself as an old man. Now that is a sight I never thought I would see,” Valois murmured. “It is a curiosity to me, too.”

“You still look so beautiful, even with age upon you,” Gunther whispered, earning himself a smile and a nuzzle to his cheek.

“So poetic,” Valois said. “I think we make a very stately old couple, don’t you?”

“We do indeed. I’m glad to see that I still wear eyeliner, too, even as an old fogey.”

Valois laughed. “It is just one of the things that I adore about you. You are a powerful businessman, who could so easily become lost in a world of suits and boardroom meetings, but your unconventional streak still finds a way to reveal itself. Shall we return to youth, my darling?”

“Please.” Gunther nodded. “Mum used to tell me when I pulled faces: If the wind changes, you’ll stay like that. I’d rather not risk it!”

“Thankfully, it is calm outside.” Valois kissed him as the illusion faded and Gunther was left staring at their familiar selves in the mirror again.

“And now I must walk in the Veil,” Valois said softly. “That was an extremely powerful spell, and I must replenish my magical energy. Come to bed and hold me while I do that?”

Gunther smiled, nodded, and took his hand.

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  1. But where are the pictures?!??! I am a greedy wench and I wanna seeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    I love that Valois did that for him. And I love that they’ve woven both their lives together so seemlessly, being able to talk and touch and cuss and Gunther still managing to find small ways to serve.

    Le sigh. I loves them!

  2. Did I really miss commenting on this?! Well, better late than never. It’s sweet of Valois to use so much energy to show Gunther how they would look as an older couple.

    • I think some of it was also down to the fact that – although he knew he could create the illusion of age for a while – Valois had never bothered to do it for himself because it would take a great deal of effort. However, he was just as curious as Gunther, so when Gunther mentioned it, Valois decided it was worth the risk of using so much magical energy, for both of them to have their curiosity sated.

  3. I’m not tempted to see how I’ll look when I’m older. Heck, I’m old enough already! LOL. It’s different for Gunther & Valois to take a peek since they’ll be forever young. With us, it’s the reality of the future. Takes all the fun out of it.

    • Tell me about it! XD The creeping grey and aches and pains I know all too well. But these two will always be 26 and 41 (honestly, Gunther’s a cradle-snatcher LOL!) so it’s a strange and curious thing for them.

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