Hollow House: I lost my faith to this

Originally posted on Tumblr (which is why it’s so image-heavy) this is an Alternate Universe side-story of the main rocker!Valois arc. Much darker in nature, it is the AU backstory to the older versions of Cal and Ten that I’ve been posting. This side-story deals with upsetting themes, so please heed the trigger warnings at the top of the page.

The room beyond was dimly-lit and, as he stepped through the entryway and into the main suite, his eyes adjusted from the bright corridor.

There was a long, long silence, broken only by Ten’s voice—worried now—saying, “Cal?”

The phone trembled in Cal’s hand, his palm suddenly sweaty, even as a cold chill shivered through him.

Read the chapter here, then please return to this post if you have feedback.

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    • I know :( It hurt to write this, but I know from experience that – when I get an idea in my head that’s this strong – I need to get it down and out of my head, or else I’ll obsess over it.

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