Chapter 64: Honeymoon

“Can I ask you something?”

“Of course, mon cœur.”

“If our fellow passengers don’t see your pale skin, then what do they see? Do they see your hair and eye colour, or are those changed, too?”

“I am an expert in illusion, but alas I cannot change my eye or hair colour. My skin, however…”

Valois glanced at Gunther, then gave a mischievous little smirk. And then, before Gunther’s very eyes, his skin slowly took on the hue of a soft golden tan. It wasn’t the kind of deep tan that Gunther was slowly acquiring, but for Valois? It was a tan.

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  1. That image where Gunther has super wet hair. That’s Ten’s hairstlye! Anyways, this was cute. Now, I have a question. Where did the idea of using “mine” as a pet name come from? I never thought to ask til now. Also, how long will their honeymoon be? Will there not be any D/S scenes?

    • LOL! It is indeed Ten’s hairstyle. It was the scruffiest, most mussed-up hairstyle I had, so that’s the one I used for him after he’d been vigorously scrubbing his hair with a towel XD

      Valois’s use of “mine” as a pet name is partly possessive (as in: “you are mine, you belong to me as my boy”) and partly intended as Valois said in the final section of this chapter: to imply that Gunther is the other part of him, the part that makes him complete after all his years of being alive. Valois also knows that Gunther likes being called that; he can sense Gunther’s little inner frisson of happiness at the frequent reminder that he’s both owned as a submissive, but also needed and loved as an essential part of Valois’s life.

      The honeymoon won’t be too long, possibly one or two more chapters at most, since I want to begin moving forward with their lives, letting Mortimer grow up, etc etc. And there won’t be any overtly D/s scenes in Egypt, no. As Valois said in the chapter, their relationship is subtly changing now. While there will be full-on D/s scenes in their future, they’re slowly slipping into a more constant existence as dominant and submissive, whereby Valois’s corrections and guidance of Gunther’s behaviour is smoother and more integrated into their lives.

  2. *squeals with joy* Another chapter of one of my favorite stories! :D <3 it!

    Every time I hear the word "mine" I think of the birds from finding Nemo.

    • Awwww, thank you! I’m so glad to be back. I struggled a lot with this chapter, thanks to the issues I had with trying to build and screenshot in Al Simhara itself, so finally finding a workaround in the form of a base world with the Al Simhara map was a blessing.

  3. This chapter was lovely, as were the screenshots. If you hadn’t said you’d struggled with it, I’d never have guessed. Valois is, indeed, hot with a tan. What I find even hotter is seeing him so casually dressed, with just a pair of trousers rolled up at the ankles, shirtless and barefoot. He’s usually all suited up. The integration of D/s into their daily relationship in subtle ways, outside of scenes, seems like a natural progression. I’m glad to see Valois finally felt safe enough with Gunther to truly be himself. (The devil on my shoulder is rearing its head and remembering things that Valois has done in the past that could shake the foundation they’ve built. The angel is shushing her and is happy that they’re in such a good place right now.)

    • Thank you! Oh lord, did I struggle. That save was giving me conniptions until I found a way to make it work. I was on the verge of just posting the honeymoon chapters without any screenshots, just so I could move forward, but thankfully I found another (custom) base world that used the Al Simhara map, and – while it wasn’t perfect – it was enough to be able to export the Nile cruise ship and build the souvenir/trinket shop.

      Valois’s mode of dress on this honeymoon is not only casual to help him deal with the heat; it’s also an indicator of how he’s loosening up and allowing his true self to shine through. He’s relaxing into his life with Gunther and finally beginning to let go of some of his tight control. Of course, once they’re back in Sunset Valley, he’ll return (mostly) to his suits, but for now he’s just enjoying this new freedom (which yes, we know won’t last; not if I have anything to do with it – muahaha!)

      And I agree: he looks gorgeous when he’s so casual, with just those rolled-up pants on and nothing else. And yet, he still radiates dominance. I honestly don’t know how he does it, especially with that boyish face!

    • Thank you so much! I may have a bit of trouble nominating 11 people, since I just can’t keep up with many stories, but I really appreciate your nomination <3

  4. Best story, nevermind best sims story I have read in forever. Actually, I can’t think of a better sims story that I’ve read. This story is elegantly written. I love these sims!

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