Rocker!Valois – New Photoshoots

After filling in the (NSFW!) OC Sex Meme for Rocker!Valois, Cal, and Ten, I had to do some new photoshoots, because… well I don’t need an excuse, but it’s been a while since they got behind the camera ;)

LOTS of pics behind the cut!

First up, Mr Hot Rocker himself. New haircut, and he finally had a shave (don’t worry; the second set of pics still has him with face fuzz *g*). Oh, and some swanky new clothes especially for this shoot…

Next up, srs bsns… which turned into dorkiness. Mainly because Cal and Ten were with him XD

No, I don’t have a clue. And neither does Cal, by the looks of these next pics…

And finally, “Bite me… oh yeah, you’d love to, wouldn’t ya? Hehe!”

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    • *grins* They’re preening a bit now (well, Ten is, anyway; Cal is just rolling his eyes at his bro and rocker!Valois is giggling at him). I love pulling those three out for photoshoots and character memes. They’re always such a handful, but a lot of fun XD

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