Chapter 65: Souvenirs

Morning brought with it a kiss from his husband, a lazy breakfast at the water-level restaurant, and all memory of the nightmare forgotten. Cocktails by the pool, the sun’s heat relaxing him as it sank into his bones, the scent of tanning lotion, and the sun-warmed pages of a good book while Valois dozed on the lounger beside him.

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PLEASE NOTE: Starting from this chapter I will be changing the image-to-text ratio of my chapters. There will be more text and fewer images. Hopefully this will help me to update more frequently, since taking screenshots when your game is as cc-loaded and laggy as mine now is can be so daunting it puts you off even logging in to bother doing them!

Also, as a little side-note: Many of the happenings on the cruise ship in this chapter actually happened to me on my holiday to Egypt. The paddling boys and the t-shirt-throwing, the guys washing the car in the river, the little boys running along the river bank; all of them are written from memory.

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  1. I already knew about this because of your Tumblr posts :P

    Of all the things Gunther could have chosen, he brought back the one thing that was dangerous to Valois. Why not one of those statues Gunther?

    • Poor Gunther. He had no idea! He just thought the shopkeeper’s spiel about warding off the evil eye was superstition, and he didn’t take it seriously. After all, there’s nothing evil in his life right now… is there? ;)

  2. How cool that you included some of your personal experiences from visiting Egypt. I could really picture the exchange between Gunther and the boy selling scarves.

    I’d seen the effects of the Eye of Horus from your Tumblr sneak peek so my heart was spared the panic. I wonder if Gunther will question Valois about why the Eye affected him if it’s supposed to ward off evil (not witches per se). If he does, it should be an interesting conversation. I’m sure you’ll handle the topic deftly as always. Maybe Valois will hold onto his secret a little longer. How much longer until the honeymoon is really over (and I don’t mean their trip).

    • I have a lot of very vivid memories of that holiday, even though it was years ago now. I’ve been an Egyptophile all my life, so that trip really was the trip of a lifetime for me.

      I think that Valois can look forward to answering some very awkward questions, because Amir’s warnings about guarding himself against evil, followed by the effect the Eye had on Valois are going to be niggling in the back of Gunther’s mind. I suspect that Valois will initially hedge with some nonsense about all witches superstitiously being regarded as evil, but then Gunther will press the issue, because – again, in the back of his mind – he now knows that Valois is an adept liar, and he senses that he’s not getting the whole truth. (Maybe the Eye did benefit him there after all? It would be rather neat if just having it near him for that brief time gave him a clearer insight into whether people around him are telling the truth or not *g*)

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