Chapter 67: Memories

“Will you do something for me, since we’re talking about the past tonight?”

“If I am able to do it, mon cœur, then of course.”

Tilting his head back, Gunther looked up at his husband. “Tell me about some of the people you have loved?” he ventured. “You showed me Elsanine and Arcturus from centuries ago… can you do that for your past lovers, too? It’s just… well, I want to know that you were loved and not lonely throughout your life.”

Valois looked down at him for a moment, then he smiled. “Very well. Who do you wish to know about?”

“Tell me about the first man you ever fell in love with. What was he like?”

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  1. I saw these parts on Tumblr so I knew :P But, is it just me or does Gunther seem to be overreacting a little? Like, the first guy didn’t return Valois’ love, but he still loved him like a son. Don’t hate him Gunther!

    The second didn’t end so well and he seems just as upset about it as Valois was. There was love. And they they died together… not at the same time, but together. That’s good right

    • I suppose he is a little, especially in the first case. But at this moment in his life, Gunther is deeply in love with (and fiercely protective of) Valois, and in that vision he saw Valois’s emotional pain when he realised that Philippe would never return his love in the way that he wanted him to. Remember: this was Valois’s first love. He was young, inexperienced, and in a vulnerable position of servitude at the time. When Gunther has a bit of time to reflect on things, he’ll see past that pain to the more fatherly love (which, of course, he fully understands) that replaced the romantic love that Valois yearned for at that time.

      With regard to the second situation, Gunther’s emotion was more empathy for Nicolas’s suffering in watching Valois die rather than for the end of the relationship. He loves Valois as deeply as Nicolas loved him, and in that moment he briefly put himself in Nicolas’s shoes… and, naturally, it upset him greatly.

  2. I enjoy seeing more of Valois and Gunther’s everyday relationship. Hearing Valois recount stories from the past would be fascinating in and of itself, but to be able to share visions with Gunther makes it all the better. I love the story and photo of Elsanine and Arcturus. And those outfits are phenomenal!

    I’m amazed that Gunther actually wanted to see Valois’s past lovers. I guess they’re far enough in the past that jealousy shouldn’t be an issue, and Gunther did seem to be interested for a noble reason. (I tried putting myself in his shoes, but I think I’d be far too jealous. I’d rather not know anything.) I’m surprised that Valois showed Gunther a scene with Nicolas and Valois in bed — and with Nicolas on top! My guess is that Gunther is far too submissive to ever ask Valois to switch for him (although he does want to watch that scene play out). I wonder if either of them would be interested in trying it out, though? Hmm….

    • I was amazed at how good Elsanine and Arcturus looked in those outfits, and it gave me the impetus to start thinking about why they wore them, which was where the whole idea of the war came about.

      As to Gunther, he too was amazed he got to see that scene. Amazed… and very very horny ;) And, although he desperately want to see that scene play out in full, you’re right in assuming that he’s too submissive to even dream of asking Valois to bottom for him. When they first met, he would have considered it, but Valois has him, uh, well-trained by now. *ahem*

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