Spooky Day 2016 special!

Come to Mortimer and Esther’s Spooky Day Party! Fancy Dress is mandatory and you must come as something suitably spooky. No boring costumes allowed!

“Hey, you look amazing,” Mort absolutely stared at Valois as he walked into the room where the photo booth was set up. “I hope that’s fake blood!”

“But of course it isn’t.” Valois smirked at him, completely in-character. “I supped on a tasty mortal before arriving here tonight. We creatures of the night have to keep our energy up, you know.”

A moment later, he dropped the act and smiled, showing sharp white fangs. “You look rather amazing yourself. Gomez Addams, I believe?”

“Yeah! And here’s my lovely… wife.” Mort winked as Esther sailed toward him, wearing a long black wig and a tight-fitting long black dress. As she reached them, Valois executed a courtly bow, took her hand, and kissed the back of it.

“Madame Morticia,” he murmured, looking up at her with a smile. “You are, as always, truly ravishing–”

He was interrupted by the doorbell, and ‘Morticia’ beamed broadly. “That’ll be Dad and Natalie! I’ll get… oh, I can’t bloody move in this skirt! Mort, would you…?”

“Of course, my dear.” Mort bowed to her and grinned, dashing off to open the front door. “Oh god,” he called back to them. “We’re overrun with vampires!”

Valois arched an eyebrow, then winked at Esther as Ted and Natalie entered the room. “I have competition, hm?”

“That’s some makeup, Dad,” Esther giggled. “Actually… it really suits you!”

“Natalie did it.” Ted wrinkled his nose. “Feels weird. So do the fangs. Can’t talk properly with them in. Hey, you two look great. And my fellow sanguisuge, too!”

Valois bowed, then made his way to Natalie. “Ah, what a stunning earth witch you are, my dear.”

She curtsied, then laughed. “Two vampires, eh? I’m doomed! Where’s Gunther?”

“Ah, he locked me out of the room where he is getting ready for the party.”

“What on earth for?”

“I have no idea, but he took a full bottle of vodka in there with him, and I suspect he will have emptied most of it by the time he’s–”

Suddenly, the sound of vaguely-drunk singing came from the hallway. The door opened just a little, and a… stocking-clad leg wearing black high heels hooked around the frame.

Don’t get strung out by the way I look. Don’t judge a book by its cover. I’m not much of a man by the light of day. But by night I’m one hell of a lover,” Gunther sang, as Ted burst out laughing and Mort exchanged a wild look of astonishment with Esther.

Then, the door flung open, and Gunther postured in, finishing the song with, “I’m just a sweet transvestite from transsexual, Transylvaniaaaaaaaa!

In seconds, the room was in uproar, as Natalie bent double with laughter, Mort and Esther collapsed against each other in fits of the giggles, and Ted shot Valois an amused look.

Valois just stepped forward to take Gunther’s hand and kiss it, closing the song with a surprisingly sweet, “When you knocked, he thought you were the candyman.”


(And, if you don’t get the reference, click here *g*)

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  1. LMAO! You’re bringing back so many memories! Um, yeah … I got the reference all right. The RHPS was a cult classic! I remember trying to explain to my mother why my friends and I wanted to go to a movie that only showed late at night (can’t remember if it was 10 or midnight) and why we had to bring certain items with us (newspaper, spray bottle of water, toast, cards, etc.).

    Anyway! Everyone looks awesome in their costumes. Mort and Esther make a very convincing Gomez and Morticia. I had to look close to see that it was really Mort!

    Of course, Gunther stole the show in his Dr. Frank N. Furter costume. Totally unexpected! Whose idea was it, though — Gunther’s or Valois’s? My bet’s on Valois. :D

    • Haha! It was actually all Gunther’s idea. Well, him and that bottle of vodka, anyway ;) Of course Valois was familiar with it, hence he could sing that line with Gunther, but yeah. That gave me such a laugh to put together! XD

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