Chapter 70: Departure

Gunther felt Valois clasp his hand as they stood and watched Mort and Esther go through Passport Control. With a final grin and wave, they were lost from sight, and Gunther’s hand tightened around Valois’s.

“I’m going to miss them so much,” he whispered, feeling tears welling up.

“As will I, my darling,” Valois said softly. “Shall we head back to the bar, to toast them on their way?”

“Yeah.” Gunther gave him a watery smile. “That’d be good.”

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  1. What the… Wait! I wanted to hear the rest of that story!! What was his first time flying like? Now well never know.

    Can Valois take people with him when he travels through space? I mean, he can take objects. Why not people?

    • LOL! Poor Gunther! He was only just out of his teens and the flight hit a lot of turbulence, so he threw up a few times. He had to keep asking for more barf bags! (Storywise, I just needed at least the start of an amusing anecdote to close the chapter and to go along with that picture of a slightly-tipsy Gunther enthusing to Valois. He’s actually thanking Valois for the drink (the in-game animation), since Valois bought a round of them.)

      As to whether Valois could take someone with him when he travels like that, he could, but it would expend a LOT of magical energy, so he prefers not to. Small objects and other things are simple, but people are far more complex.

  2. Will we get to see Mort & Esther in Paris, either in person or via photos Mort posts? It would be interesting to see their view of Paris as artists.

    Though it was difficult for Gunther to see Mort leaving on his adventure, it had to be a much better feeling than when Cornelia made Mort go to boarding school. This time, he knew Mort was happy to be going, and he had Esther with him to share in the fun.

    What an enormous comfort to all involved to know that Valois could be with Mort (or any of them) in an instant if he was needed. It’s like having your own, personal, infinitely powerful bodyguard who’s always right there if you need him but who doesn’t invade your privacy. For Mort and Esther, I’m sure privacy ranks up near the top of their list as well as safety.

    • Probably not, no. The Paris world that I installed, while beautiful, almost totalled my game. The save file corrupted, and no matter what I did thereafter, I couldn’t load Sims 3 at all. It crashed to desktop every time. I had to dig deep to remove every last little bit of it, take out all of my saves and all of my CC, and then re-load everything bit by bit, just to get the game to start up properly. I simply daren’t try installing it again. There will be one picture of Mort and Esther, but it won’t be the dream one I wanted with Paris in the background out of the window, alas :(

      Valois didn’t tell Mort and Esther (or Gunther) this, but from the moment they left the airport, he’d added both of them onto his mental ‘tracking list’ (for want of a better phrase). There’s no way he’ll intrude on the privacy of their thoughts like he does with Gunther sometimes, but he’s running a very low level of monitoring on both of them. If anything causes them distress or scares the crap out of them, he’ll be with them in an instant. Nothing more than that, but he knows that there may be a situation when there’s no time or opportunity to send a text or message when they need him.

  3. Holy shit… I stumbled across this maybe even a year ago, read all of it, liked it, and then promptly forgot about it. I just found it again, caught up on everything and wow… This is really really really good. I wish I had something else to say about it, but um, wow. I really hope you stick with this at it’s proper pace and keep on publishing short stories after it’s end. Definitely the best thing I’ve read in quite a few months (and I’m a reader so that includes several traditionally published books).

    • Thank you SO much! Comments like this really make my day. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying it. I know the story is pretty dark, and therefore not what’s regarded as ‘popular’ within this fandom, but it’s found its own little niche of readers, and I’m so grateful to them for sticking with it :)

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