Over to you: What if Valois hadn’t entered Gunther’s life?

I’ve been curious lately as to what might have happened had Valois not entered Gunther’s life. What would Gunther’s life be like? What would happen to Mort, Cornelia, Natalie, etc; all of the main characters in The Madness of Mr Goth?

I have a few theories of my own, which I’ll post later, but I thought it might be fun to throw this question open to my readers, and ask all of you:

What would have happened if Valois hadn’t come along?

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  1. First, I must tell you that photo is stunning! I do believe it’s my favorite of yours (and I love so many of them)! The effects are so perfect for the chapter theme.

    This is a tough question. Here are a few random thoughts:

    – At the outset, Gunther’s relationship with Mort is tenuous at best. (Mort feels unwanted and blames Gunther for being sent away to boarding school.)

    – Cornelia continues to be a nuisance to Gunther and tries to entrap him with the new baby. Gunther tries to stick it out with Cornelia for the baby’s sake but eventually calls it quits for good and they get divorced.

    – After Gunther has been divorced for some time, Gunther and Natalie begin dating. Once Gunther is no longer being constantly emasculated by Cornelia, he begins to rebuild his relationship with Mort by opening up to him. Gunther and Natalie are happy together, but in the back of his mind Gunther still feels as though something is missing (because his submissive needs aren’t being met).

    Aaaaaand, THIS is why YOU’RE the author, not me. :D I’d much rather read your version.

    • Thank you! It was one of the first images I took for the story, but I pulled it back into Photoshop for some extra editing this time, with Valois fading from Gunther’s side.

      I actually prefer your version to the one that I thought up! XD Mine’s far more depressing and much more of a downer for poor Gunther: a downward spiral, if you like. Yours is more realistic and a little less (okay, a lot less!) dramatic!

  2. Cornelia would continue to be a problem. Someone like that would do everything they could to remain in control of the situation. I also think that with a new baby it would be harder for someone as caring and sensative as Gunther to get away. Honestly, without Valois in his life I think it would a heartbreaking story. They just fit together so well.

    • It would indeed be a heartbreaking story. Or, at least, Gunther would go through a lot more pain than he will with Valois (even though we know that Valois has hurt him, and will do so in the future, too). I’ll post my own thoughts about this in the next couple of days, so you can see how it would have progressed had I been behind the wheel. (Gunther’s probably pretty thankful that’s not the direction I chose for the story!)

  3. I think Cornelia would definitely use the new baby as ammunition to keep Gunther under her thumb. And, with how callous Cornelia was with Mort (sending him to boarding school without consulting Gunther), it wouldn’t surprise me if she continued to needle her way into being a wedge between Gunther and Mort, just because Gunther wants a relationship with Mort. Sort of a Continuously Moving Goalposts type of situation. (“You can spend time with Ysabel/Mortimer if you do this…now do this…now do this…”)

    I’d see Mort ending up a lot more maladjusted, and living up to the gothiness of his surname much more. I don’t think Gunther would really get a divorce, even if he wanted to, simply because he would feel the need to keep trying – both in the hopes of one day making Cornelia happy and because he loves his children too much to want to hurt them by putting them through a divorce – all the while not realizing he’s trapping them in this toxic setting, too.

    • Cornelia would definitely try to alienate Mort from his father, that’s absolutely one thing I would have had happen were I behind the wheel of that out-of-control truck! I also like the idea (poor Gunther!) of Cornelia controlling him by using access to Mort as a ‘reward’ for acceptable behaviour. Given what we now know about his submission and her abuse of it, that’s probably something she would attempt, once things got desperate enough that he considered leaving.

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