Chapter 71: A Signal Honour

“I am quite sure,” Valois chuckled, “that you did not contact me purely to make mischief, Caelwyn. To what do I owe the honour of this communication?”

Caelwyn smiled. “We Fae are known for our mischief, and do not try to convince your aeternus otherwise. However, no, that is not the reason for this communication. You are aware that the Return is soon to happen?”

“I am indeed.”

“The Return, Gunther,” Caelwyn explained, “is that of all Supernaturals to the Veil after the banishment. Resting Renewal will be upon us in a few days—the equivalent of your mortal spring—and we shall welcome all Supernaturals once more into the Veil.”

“I see,” Gunther said, turning a curious gaze onto the crystal ball. “But… you said this involves me? How?”

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Thank you so much for bearing with me through months of computer troubles, one full OS reinstall, one new graphics card install, three full game reinstalls, and then sorting and reinstalling all of the relevant CC that I needed in order to load my saves.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve commented before… I discovered this website around Chapter 50, and then forgot about it again till maybe 60, and now I’m on a schedule of forgetting and then coming back every couple months. But this is so good!!! Not just this chapter, I mean the whole thing, this is so good. I would REALLY encourage you to actually publish this as a book when you’re done with it. Just remove the screenshots, and the Sims stuff, and change Gunther’s name, and this could make you some money. Like seriously… Amazon has an easy self publishing system, you should look into it.

    But OH MY GOD as this chapter goes… this was absolutely amazing! I’m so excited… I’ve been waiting forever for Gunther to meet some more supernaturals. And I’m so happy that Elsanine will be the one keeping Gunther company! Elsanine and Arcturus are so goddamn precious, my OTP, I love them so much. I’m a little bit meh at the timeskip – I love the slice of life stuff with Gunther and Valois – but at the same time I’m so excited that we’re getting some real action! And even though I don’t want the story to ever end, I’m morbidly excited that we’re getting close to the end anyway, because y’know, I just want to see how things turn out. Are my sweet boys going to stay together??? What will Mortimer and Esther’s family look like??? Will we ever see Ysabell again??? So many questions!!!

    • Oh my god, I am SO sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to this! Life has been kicking my arse a bit, and I’ve not been paying any attention to my various stories or Sims things this past couple of weeks. I’m really sorry about that, especially because you took the time to leave such a fantastic comment :(

      Thank you so much for the compliment about the writing. If I were to consider publication for this it would need a complete rewrite, since much of the story relies on the images and it was written with that in mind. Add to that the fact that the thing which is pulling my attention as a possible publishable novel is a history of the Veil itself, with Valois, Elsanine, and Arcturus’s histories woven through it. That would necessitate some differences from the main TMoMG story itself – primarily to make Valois much, much older so that he could be around when the great wars took place between the supernatural races.

      As to TMoMG I hope to get back to it soon (life is looking up at last!) and we’ll be moving straight to the Return, which is when Gunther will indeed meet some more supernaturals. The time skips are a bit ‘meh’, I agree, but I really don’t have much else to write about now in their everyday lives, and I don’t want to drag the slice of life stuff out too much. We need to get back to a bit of drama, after all! So we’ll soon be moving forward, Mort and Esther will grow up and start their family, and Things Will Happen ;)

      Again, HUGE apologies for the time it took me to reply to this <3

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