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Long time no see ;)

I was tagged by Astraea Nevermore on Tumblr to do the ‘getting to know’ meme, so since this blog has been quieter than a morgue of late (not for much longer, though!) I figured I’d post this one over here.


Behind the cut with you!

– Name: Valois Athanase Fulcanelli.
– Are you single? No, I am very contentedly married to Gunther Goth.
– Are you happy? Extremely so, both in this present moment and in general.
– Are you angry? It takes a great deal to anger me. Someone hurting or upsetting Gunther is possibly the only thing that would do it.
– Are your parents still married? They are both long dead. And even before they died, no they were not married. I was born—as was spoken of in older times—on the wrong side of the sheets.


– Birth Place: Oh, Dieu, the place is long gone. It was a tiny village in France, and it lies now in ruins. I grew up in Champs les Sims, though.
– Hair Color: Red.
– Eye Color: Equally red.
– Birthday: … I am not sure that I recall the exact date, I’m afraid. It was autumn in the Veil, that much I do know. Elsanine will know the date, but I tend to forget it quite frequently. Unsurprising, since it was over a thousand years ago. Birthdays have long ceased to mean very much to me.
– Mood: At this moment? Quite content.
– Gender: Male.
– Summer or winter: I love both equally. Summer possibly has the slightest edge, because Gunther adores the sun. He gets quite a beautiful tan and it lightens his hair to a beautiful coppery tone. And it makes him smile. Yes, I think summer has the edge.
– Morning or afternoon: Early morning, especially in spring when the sun has not yet crested the horizon, but the birds are aware of it and are heralding its arrival in full throat.


– Are you in love? Oh, very much so.
– Do you believe in love at first sight? I do, and have experienced it one or two times myself.
– Who ended your last relationship? He did.
– Have you ever broken someone’s heart? Several of them, apparently.
– Are you afraid of commitments? Not at all, but I do have to be sure I am with the right person before I commit. My kind of committal is slightly… more intense than others’.
– Have you hugged someone within the last week? Of course. Gunther, Mortimer, Esther, and even Natalie. We had a small dinner party and invited them all. I would hardly let them enter the house and leave it later without a hug!
– Have you ever had a secret admirer? Well, if the article in Sul!Sul! magazine was anything to go by, I have several. Which is… odd.
– Have you ever broken your own heart? I have come perilously close to it, yes.


– Love or lust? Oh! One moment. Mortimer furnished me with… a… meme? Yes, a meme. I think it would be perfect for the answer to this. Let me just find it…

– Lemonade or iced tea? Lemonade is too sweet. As to iced tea… why would one bother to chill tea? It is perfectly good when hot. Sometimes I really don’t understand mortals…
– Cats or Dogs? I adore dogs for their undying and unconditional devotion, but as a witch I have a slight preference toward felines. I have had several familiars in my lifetime.
– A few best friends or many regular friends? A few best friends. I am not one of those ‘friend collectors’ that one sees on social media.
– Wild night out or romantic night in? Oh, romantic night in. Always.
– Day or night? Hmm, probably the night. If I’m in the Veil, then always the night, with a full moon and the trees surrounding me. Witches and moonlight, you know… *winks*


– Been caught sneaking out? No, not even when I was a teenager. I didn’t dare to try it, since a beating so bad that I could not sit for a week would likely have been my punishment.
– Fallen down/up the stairs? I’m afraid I do not possess the level of clumsiness to do such a thing.
– Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt? The first time I laid eyes on Gunther, yes.
– Wanted to disappear? Many times, in my youth. These days I can manage that quite easily, though.


– Smile or eyes? Must I choose? *sigh* If it’s Gunther then I simply cannot. Both pull me in equally. I love to make him smile, and since his smile reaches his eyes then you will understand why I cannot choose!
– Shorter or Taller? I am three inches taller than Gunther, but since he likes to feel considerably shorter I sometimes give him the illusion of it. It makes him feel small and safe.
– Intelligence or Attraction? Again, with the difficult choices! However, I will choose intelligence, since I find that attractive.
– Hook-up or Relationship? I have tried the former, but will always choose the latter.


– Do you and your family get along? My family of years past? Yes, my mother and I got along wonderfully. I never knew my father, and… well, the less said about William Black the better, I think. My current family of Gunther, Mortimer, and Esther? Of course; we get along nicely.
– Would you say you have a “messed up life”? In truth? Slightly untidy at times maybe, but messed up? No.
– Have you ever run away from home? Yes, in my nineteenth year, after… I dealt with William Black.
– Have you ever gotten kicked out? No, my mother would never have done such a thing.


– Do you secretly hate one of your friends? They would not be a friend if I hated them. In short, no.
– Do you consider all of your friends good friends? Since I am select in whom I call ‘friend’ then yes.
– Who is your best friend? Elsanine.
– Who knows everything about you? Again, Elsanine. He is the closest thing that I have to a brother. He has seen (and mended) my mind too many times to recall, and I trust him implicitly.

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  1. I would have jumped for joy had I not been sitting down when I saw an email about a new post. It’s nice to see a slice of Valois’ inner workings. I’m pining for more of Gunther and Valois something fierce.

    • Thank you! There will be more soon. I’ve spent a year and a half working in an incredibly mentally-taxing job, but the workload has just started to decrease to levels where I actually have some brainpower left at the end of the day to write. Added to that is the fact that I now have a new computer (the old one was dying and simply unable to support my game anymore). I still have to sort and reinstall all of my CC, but there will be a point in the very near future where the story finally gets picked up again and finished :)

    • Yep! I now have a new computer and my job has eased up to a point where I can still ‘brain’ at the end of the day and am not mentally exhausted. I still have to reinstall all of my CC (so – while there are some bits I’m not sure about – please bear with me if locations don’t look identical to how they once did) but after that’s done the story will start up again :)

  2. These were fantastic to read. I love getting to know character questions. Hoover, iced tea is the bomb diggity Valois its REFRESHING and so is lemonade!
    Will there be one for Gunther?

    • LOL! Valois is rather unflinching in his preference for hot tea. I doubt you’d be able to change his mind. Have a word with Gunther instead; he might be able to wheedle a taste test ;)

      There will probably be one for Gunther, yes. Maybe more of my characters, if I feel inspired enough to do them all. I’d like to consider the answers some lesser-known characters might give. Elsanine and Arcturus, for example, whom we don’t hear as much of as we do Valois, Gunther, and Mort.

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