Getting to know… rocker!Valois

Here’s a second Getting to Know post, this time for rocker!Valois :)

– Name: Valois. That’s pretty much what I go by these days. I don’t use my surname.
– Are you single? Nah. I’m sorta… multiple? When you’re poly a question like that can be complicated!
– Are you happy? Yeah, mostly.
– Are you angry? Only rarely. Some things get me mad, so I ignore ’em. Stuff like the current political situation.
– Are your parents still married? Yep.


– Birth Place: Islington, London
– Hair Color: Scarlet
– Eye Color: Same as my hair. No, they’re not contacts!
– Birthday: Once a year :p
– Mood: Right now? Cheeky!
– Gender: Male.
– Summer or winter: Oh fuck, always summer. Find me a beach, some hot sun, and a big towel to sunbathe on, and I’m yours.
– Morning or afternoon: Afternoon. Given the late nights I tend to have, I only see morning at the end of my waking hours.


– Are you in love? About 99% of the time, yeah. Right now, with Gunther, 100% of the time.
– Do you believe in love at first sight? I believe in lust at first sight, sure. Love at first sight? Hmm, nah. I think love needs time to grow.
– Who ended your last relationship? It was by mutual agreement. I was touring a lot, and the guy I was with back then just couldn’t handle a long-distance relationship. Nor could he just blow up his life to go around the world with me.
– Have you ever broken someone’s heart? Millions (if those teen magazines are to believed) when I got together with Gunther.
– Are you afraid of commitments? I used to be in the past. But I’ve been with Gunther for years now, so I’d say not anymore.
– Have you hugged someone within the last week? Uh, everyone I meet. Does that count? I’m kinda touchy-feely-huggy like that.
– Have you ever had a secret admirer? *points to the mountains of fan mail* One or two…?
– Have you ever broken your own heart? Nah. I back off pretty fucking sharpish if it looks like I’m heading into emotional disaster territory.


– Love or lust? Lust, then sometimes love.
– Lemonade or iced tea? Iced tea.
– Cats or Dogs? Dogs. I wish I spent enough time at home so I could have a dog.
– A few best friends or many regular friends? I sorta have both. I guess the few best friends, because I’d be lost without Cal, Ten, and Iggy.
– Wild night out or romantic night in? Fuck’s sake; I gotta choose? Damn it. Wild night out. (Don’t tell Gunther!)
– Day or night? Ooh, definitely the night. I must secretly be a vampire, because I come alive at night – lol!


– Been caught sneaking out? Oh god, all the time when I was a teenager!
– Fallen down/up the stairs? Probably, especially if I was drunk or high. In fact – given that qualifier – make that ‘definitely’
– Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt? Uh… I wanted to have a record deal so badly that I did some… questionable things. So yeah. I’ve sorta blanked that stupidity out of my memory.
– Wanted to disappear? Hardly, when most nights see me performing in front of thousands! But I guess sometimes, toward the end of a tour, yeah I need some alone-time. Cal’s made me swear to tell him and not just vanish on a mystery vacation in future, though.


– Smile or eyes? Ass :p
– Shorter or Taller? I like ’em taller. They can push me around a little ;)
– Intelligence or Attraction? Attraction, but I don’t find stupidity attractive. Mind you, a good fuck is always welcome, no matter what!
– Hook-up or Relationship? Both? The latter sometimes comes out of the former anyway, doesn’t it? Well, it has in the past for me, anyway.


– Do you and your family get along? Sure we do.
– Would you say you have a “messed up life”? I’ve done some messed up things, but nah; wouldn’t say my whole life has been messed up.
– Have you ever run away from home? Bwahaha! Yeah, once, when I’d been grounded for sneaking out and Dad took my guitar away for a week as punishment. He found me hunkered down in the local Maccy Dees, nursing a burger and Coke and feeling very sorry for myself.
– Have you ever gotten kicked out? It was threatened, but never carried out. I was pretty wild when I was a teenager. Mum and Dad have the patience of saints, I swear.


– Do you secretly hate one of your friends? If I did then they wouldn’t be my friends, so no.
– Do you consider all of your friends good friends? Like before, they wouldn’t be in my group of friends if they weren’t good friends.
– Who is your best friend? Cal. God, the shit hes put up with – lol!
– Who knows everything about you? Mum. I tell her everything. She’s my sounding board, and I love her to bits.

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  1. Rocker!Valois’s answers feel very familiar. I guess I haven’t forgotten much about one of my favorite characters, in all his permutations. I’m looking forward to picking up where we left off with Witch!Valois and Gunther.

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