Chapter 72: The Return

After dinner that evening, Valois took Gunther’s hand and led him into the bedroom. Closing the door quietly behind them, he let go and stepped into the middle of the room on his own.

Confused, Gunther just stood and watched as Valois raised one hand to circle it three times around his own head. Something glowed faintly above him, then slowly moved down to envelop his body entirely in a soft, pulsing red mist.

Gunther took a single, nervous step back. What the hell was this all about? It wasn’t like Valois to perform visual magic of this level without some kind of advance warning or explanation first. What was going on?

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Well, my lovelies…

…and all that. But it’s back. Finally. Thank you so much for sticking with me through the last couple of years. You have no idea how much it’s appreciated <3

3 responses

  1. That is a freaking FANTASTIC gift to give to a vampire. And I’m curious as to what Gunther is going to do with that little bit of fae magic.

    Welcome back Reyna!!

    • Neither Arcturus nor Elsanine can believe that gift. It’s so generous and perfect. Elsanine watching the sunrise with Arcturus the very next morning is going to be an emotional moment for both of them. They’ve been together for thousands of years, and have never been able to do that.

      As to the fae magic, it’s only a small bit, but it’ll come in handy any time it’s needed ;)

  2. Oh, how I’ve missed this story and your writing! Such a lovely, emotional chapter. I hope we get to see more of Elsanine and Arcturus. They’re an inspired choice in a couple (proof that opposites attract). I’m so glad they get to be together again after all those years. Valois’s gift to Arcturus is, indeed, perfect. I wonder — will we learn more about the book Arcturus gifted Valois? I’m thinking Gunther’s fae magic will become necessary at some point. ;)

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