Mods list

These are all of the mods that I use. Not all of them are specific to the story; they’re just ones that I always run my game with. Items marked with * require (free) registration to view and download, and items marked ** require (free) registration to download (you can view without downloading).

Twallan’s Mods (aka: NRaas)
There are too many options to list for each of these mods, so I’m just going to add what I mainly use them for.

– Base mod required for adding extra careers to the game.
Career Data Homemaker
– Great one for legacy families: allows a Sim to register as a self-employed homemaker and earn money looking after their family, cooking, cleaning, making beds, doing laundry, etc.
Career Data Tones
– Expanded ‘tones’ for the EA careers.
– Removes the censor grid when bathing, woohooing, going to the toilet, etc.
– Useful for adding accessories to all outfits (saves you from wading through every outfit in CAS to add a wedding ring to a just-married Sim). Note: It’s a good idea to set ‘show notfications’ to ‘false’ otherwise it’ll drive you nuts with constant flags about townies having their outfits adjusted.

UPDATE: I’ve just uninstalled Dresser, as I got fed up with seeing townies wearing random and silly outfits all the time. The benefits of the mod (as I used it) were not enough to outweigh the downsides of it.

Error Trap
– Essential mod for cleaning up game saves and error reporting.
Master Controller
– I would NOT be without this! The CAS options let you add multiple accessories to each point. You can disable clothing filters, change outfits on the fly without going into CAS, edit the naked outfit and add extra sets of each outfit type in Stylist. You can add Sims to your household, edit skills and their levels (useful for storytelling if you’ve started a new neighbourhood game save and your new version of a sim needs to be a top chef; just give him skill level 10 and that saves you from all the hassle of working through the career).
Master Controller Cheats
– Adds extra ‘cheaty’ interactions to Master Controller.
– Another essential mod for keeping a game running smoothly. Catches and corrects many issues that might otherwise cause crashes.
Portrait Panel
– Increases the number of portraits in the Sim panel to up to 24, as well as offering other options when the panels are right-clicked.
– I use this to remove all stray animals. Also allows you to remove tourists and paparazzi.
– I mainly use this one to remove the annoyance of fallen leaves during winter.
– I use this one to remove the food truck and the ice cream truck stalker (hallelujah!) and to reduce the traffic delta to around -15 so there aren’t thousands of taxicabs trundling around town.
– Lots of naughty interactions, including risky woohoo (unprotected sex, possibly resulting in pregnancy; you can alter the percentage chance of pregnancy, too). Also allows you to set autonomous woohoo, incestuous woohoo, etc etc.

Shimrod’s Mods
Alchemy Elixirs No Ingredients*
– Removes requirement for any ingredients for potions, as long as the Sim has learned the recipe.
Anim Horse Saddle No Effects*
– Stops the truly stupid horizontal spinning of horses when they’re saddled and unsaddled.
Change Outfit No Effects*
– Stops the spinning whirlwind when your Sims change outfits. (Also stops spinning babies during diaper change.)
No Tourists No Paparazzi*
– Does what it says: prevents paparazzi and tourists from spawning.
Sim Body Temperature Modifier*
– Sims will never get hot enough to spontaneously combust, and (as long as they’re wearing outerwear) they will never fall down freezing.
World Editor Monte Vista Stuff*
– Places Monte Vista city walls and sections, plus lighthouse, wine barrels etc in the World Editor.
World Editor Objects All In One*
– Places 172 EA objects in the World Editor.

Twoftmama’s Mods
16 Interaction Queue Limit*
– Increases the available interaction queue slots (10-slot queue also available).
Bigger Harvest*
– Increases the amount of produce from each daily harvest.
Faster Gardening*
– Decreases the time it takes a Sim to weed, water, and harvest each plant.

The above two mods are essential for me, as I usually use gardening as a way of bringing money into my Sims’ households. However, I may switch both of these to one of Twoftmama’s Plantastic Gardening Mods.

Meals Anytime*
– Allows your Sims to make any meals at any time of day.
No Autonomous Swimming*
– Prevents autonomous swimming on residential lots (doesn’t affect community lots).
No CAS Stagger*
– Removes the age difference that the game randomly assigns to Sims made in CAS (eg: two adults might have varying days left as adults by default so a husband could become an elder 20 days before his wife does; this mod ensures they both start the game at the same age).
No Spoil Food 60 Days*
– Does what it says! Only affects food left on the counter; food in inventory and fridge will still spoil.
Route Fix Flavour 2*
– Reduces the amount of time that Sims will stand around waiting for each other to move. Also reduces crowding in school entrances.
Sponge Baths Unlocked*
– Sponge baths are unlocked at sinks for all Sims, not just those with the ‘inappropriate’ trait.

Velocitygrass Mods
Remove Stencils & Deco**
– An awesome little mod that allows you to remove stencils, overlays, specular etc from both CAS items and build/buy items. Love those cheap counters but hate the flowery decals? Go into edit mode on them, hit the usual Sims cheat-entry shortcut, and type DECO O. Those flowers are an overlay, and that cheat will remove them completely. If you’re not sure whether it’s a stencil or an overlay and you accidentally remove the entire texture, don’t worry; just click in CASt to change any of the patterns and the item will revert back to its default. Same goes for CAS; if you type DECO P you’ll remove the shine on clothing (and, again, if it looks bad, just click to change one pattern and it’ll go back to shiny again).

Cmar’s Mods
MPREG Morph Combo Pack**
– If you want your male Sims to get pregnant (use the pregnancy controller – next mod in this list – for that) then you need mpreg-morphs. Otherwise your poor preggo guys will be walking around with only their heads, hands, and feet visible!
Pregnancy Controller**
– Does what it says: allows you to control all aspects of a pregnancy, from its duration, the gender of the child, same-sex conception, instant birth, etc.
Morphing Penis (default)*
– Our poor male Simmies, born without bits! Make ’em feel manly again! Install sliders to allow you to make ’em REALLY manly, and also to get hard or soft with a right-click while in-game (useful for naughty poses).
Get Naked*
– Right-click and get your Sims in the buff.
Nouveau Nudists*
– Naked outfits for male and female, outside of the usual naked outfits used for bathing and skinny dipping. These let your Sims be naked without the negative heckling and cat-calling of other Sims around them, as they’re technically just normal clothing.
Body Hair – pubic hair for males*
– With NRaas’s decensor mod removing the censor grid your poor Sims are as bare as a baby’s bum. This gives them different levels of, er, bushiness. Also available for females ;)

Moxie Mason Mods
Shaft Pubic Hair*
– *ahem* Allows your male Sims to have pubic hair that extends down the cock and balls, so they’re not left with a bare willy and bollocks XD
Armpit Hair for men – teens to elders*
– No more bare pits for your boys! I usually use the ‘short’ option.

Claudia Sharon Mods
– Stops animals from munching on your un-fenced crops!

Other Mods
No Drift Freecam Mod (Aikea-Guinea)
– Thank Watcher for this one! Stops that annoying drift when you’re in tab camera mode.
No Mascot Intro Situation* (bluegenjutsu)
– Stops that bloody infuriating, camera focus-stealing mascot from turning up at the door. (You can still get the university welcome pack from buy mode.)
Pose Player** (cmomoney)
– If you’re storytelling and haven’t yet got this, you don’t know what you’re missing ;)
Lighting Tweaks (GelinaGelina)
– I use this mod because it gives beautiful depth and strength to the shadows and lighting in-game.
OMSP** (Granthes)
– Absolutely vital for cramming your Sims’ desks, tables, bookshelves etc with clutter. Also necessary for posing Sims on chairs, couches, beds etc (cmomoney’s pose player also necessary) when poses have the sims on the floor.
Tipsy OMSP** (newshoes)
– Tilt objects at various angles.
OMSP Resizer (mahamudosim3)
– Make objects (and Sims!) bigger or smaller. Want a ten-storey loo? Go for it!
Sexy Feet (Bloom)
– Get rid of those webbed feet and give your Sims some cute toes.
Shiftable Fog Emitter (Buckley)**
– Vital for adding effects such as flames and smoke when storytelling. You could use the default fog emitter but you’d be stuck with the effects emitting from the ground. This one can be shifted up and down so you can have smoke and flames pouring out of windows in a house fire, etc.
Tiny Texture Replacers (Hysterical Paroxysm)**
– Gets rid of the annoying Zzz’s on sleeping Sims (or Vvvv’s on sleeping Vampires), the build sparkles, petals during woohoo, etc etc.