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UPDATED August 23rd 2015: For the foreseeable future, updates will be coming out on a “when I get the time to do them” basis, as opposed to once per week. The reason behind this is a change to my shifts at work, which is leaving me with very little free time (or energy) with which to create updates for the story. New chapters will, as always, be announced here on the blog, and also on my Simblr.


New chapters of the story will be uploaded to the website (and a new post for each will be made both here on the blog and on the Tumblr) once a week, on either Friday or Saturday (depending on my personal commitments).

In between those times (and this could be on any day!) a Behind the Scenes Story Progress Report will also be posted on the blog, just to keep you up-to-date with how the writing process is going. These will usually include sneak peeks of upcoming screenshots that are purposefully designed to confuse you. ;)

Occasional updates from side arcs (right now, that’s just Hollow House, but there may be more in the future, depending on how the story progresses) will also appear on the blog at random.

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