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The characters of Gunther Goth, Cornelia Goth, and Mortimer Goth as depicted in this story are ©2010 Electronic Arts Inc. The character of Valois Fulcanelli is an original creation, rendered using The Sims 3 gaming engine. All Sims-related locations and minor characters from the original game series are ©2010 Electronic Arts Inc. No copyright infringement is intended in this work of fiction.

Please note: I am British, therefore - whereas I may sometimes use American English for ease-of-understanding (eg: 'pants' instead of 'trousers') - I will generally use British English for most things, so expect to see 'Mum' in this story instead of 'Mom', etc. Also, as Valois is French, occasional words from that language will be used in chapters he is narrating. All of them will be obvious and not require translation (eg: 'valise' instead of 'suitcase'), as they are used only when: a) the English word slips his mind, or: b) the French word comes more naturally to him. Where there are longer French phrases, hover your cursor over them and you'll see a translation. (Sorry, this doesn't work on mobile!)

A note for those who might be put off by the disclaimer, but who would still like to sample my writing

You can read quite safely up to and including Chapter 4 without any worries. There may be the occasional bad word in those four chapters, but there's no sex or nudity. At Chapter 5 the relationship between Gunther and Valois begins, so—if homosexuality, or nudity is something that will make you stop reading—that's the point where you should close the story. I hope you enjoy the sample that you did read, though :)

The story contains descriptions of coercion and mental abuse, such as gaslighting. There are also some scenes of dubious consent. If these are likely to be triggers for you, then please click the back button now. By clicking the link below to read the story you are confirming that you agree to not hold the author liable for any distress caused to you by not heeding this warning.

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