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Gunther's first task of the morning was to run Valois's bath. He knew now exactly how his master liked to have it—not too hot, and lightly scented with sandalwood oil—and he also liked to have candles lit around the bath. Gunther loved the fact that, for Valois, a bath was just another sensual experience among many, and once he'd got it exactly as his master liked it, he walked—still feeling a little odd doing so—into the bedroom, where Valois was lounging on the bed in a bathrobe.

Gunther folded elegantly to his knees. "Your bath is ready," he murmured, pressing a gentle kiss to the back of Valois's hand, and receiving a tender caress of his hair in return.

"Thank you, mine. On your feet now."

As Valois stood, so did Gunther. To his surprise, Valois slipped an arm around his waist, holding him close as they walked into the bathroom. A little frisson of happiness shivered down Gunther's spine as he was let go, and Valois turned to face him.

"Undress me, darling boy. Today, you will attend me in everything."

With a bright smile, Gunther carefully untied the loose knot of Valois's robe, slipping it from his shoulders and hanging it on the hook on the back of the door. He knelt quietly as his master got into the bath and sank down into the water with a pleased little sigh.

"I'll soak for a while," Valois murmured, "then you may bathe me."

Gunther watched as Valois let his head fall back against the end of the bath and closed his eyes. His gaze traced the long line of Valois's pale throat, the elegance of his collarbone, the lean musculature of his arms...

"You're so beautiful," he couldn't help but whisper, loving the fact that his words made Valois's lips curve into a pleased smile.

"Come a little closer," Valois murmured, and so he did. Long, pale fingers carded into his hair and rested there; a loving touch that made Gunther feel so warm and happy inside that he, too, closed his eyes and just knelt contentedly until he was needed.

The hand eventually slipped from his hair and the sound of water sloshing faintly brought him out of his reverie. Valois was sitting up and watching him with a tender smile.

"I'm all yours," he murmured, with a little wink, making Gunther laugh as he reached for the soap.

Oh, it was bliss, smoothing slick hands over his master's skin. Gunther ensured that his touch was gentle and caressing, trying to let Valois feel just how much he loved him. And, when he was done with the washing, he took the softest towel he could find and stood waiting as his master stepped from the bath, his pale skin glistening in the low light from the lamps.

Gunther swallowed and tamped down his arousal. He was here to serve, not get turned on, damn it!

"No." Valois's hand cradled his chin, still damp and warm. "I enjoy seeing your desire, mine. Do not fight it."

His cheeks flushed a faint pink, Gunther nodded and began drying his master, studiously ignoring the effect it was having on him. He worked methodically, but gently, towelling every inch of ivory skin until Valois was dry.

Before he could reach for the robe to hold it out, Valois had pulled him close and was kissing him. Gunther melted like butter in the sun, draping both arms around his master and returning the kiss with an eager little whine of happiness and need.

"Hm." Valois purred against his lips, as one hand tugged his thighs closer. "You really enjoyed that, didn't you?"

Flushing hotter now, Gunther nodded, looking up at Valois with a sheepish little grin. "Can't help it," he whispered. "You're just so... so..."

One elegant eyebrow arched at him. Valois was clearly waiting for the rest of that sentence.

"...fucking hot!" Gunther finished lamely, laughing at himself. "God, what you do to me. I just..." He spread his hands, simply unable to finish.

"You 'just'... what?" Valois pressed, one hand snaking down between them to tease gently.

At the last moment, Gunther remembered that his master liked to see and hear all of his emotions, so instead of biting back the whimper, he let it out, leaning against Valois and panting slightly.

"I just..." he managed, "I... if this floor wasn't rough stone, I'd be on my back and begging."

"Hmm, rough stone, you say?" Valois murmured, as something moved beneath Gunther's feet. He risked a peek down at the floor, which was slowly changing into... smooth wooden planks, beginning at the door and moving towards them, one plank at a time.

"Ohhh yes," he distantly heard Valois say, in clear response to the reaction of his body at that realisation. "Being in a relationship with a witch is awfully useful at times, isn't it, mine?"

"Oh god," Gunther moaned, sinking slowly to his knees and peppering kisses to Valois's torso as he went down. He was going to honour his instincts, damn it, and those included taking Valois gently into his mouth.

He was permitted to do as he pleased for a few wonderful moments, then a hand slid into his hair on either side of his head, holding him still. Obediently, he relaxed his jaw and throat, knowing what was coming. Valois pulled almost all the way out, then slid smoothly back in, deeper and deeper until Gunther's nose was buried in the hair at the base of his cock. And then... he was held there, as the stone beneath his knees softened into wood.

"Work your throat," Valois commanded, his voice rough and low, "and each time I pull back, take your air."

His hands trembling as he rested them against Valois's hips to steady himself, Gunther did as he was told, swallowing around the head of Valois's cock, working his throat muscles as best he could, and using the root of his tongue to roll and massage. He knew he was doing a good job, because he could hear his master's breathing grow shorter and more ragged above him, and then—quite suddenly—Valois pulled away.

"On your back," he rasped. "Show me how you beg, boy."

Rolling back, Gunther swallowed again as he lifted his legs. Sliding his hands behind his knees, he pulled his thighs apart and back, displaying himself to his master, looking up and begging with his eyes.

"Voice it."

No euphemisms. Gunther knew that his master hated euphemisms.

"Please," he said hoarsely. "Fuck me."

He said it several more times that day. Valois didn't even bother to get dressed after his bath, remaining in the bathrobe all day and only taking it off each time Gunther begged.

Gunther could barely tell which way was up, but Valois had told him to beg for it any time he wanted it, and he found himself wanting it a lot more than he'd anticipated. Whether it was his own need, or that mixed with a bit of magic, he had no idea, but he was completely shameless about it, and that was incredibly freeing. The couch, the bed, the floor—even the kitchen table—Gunther found new ways to beg that lit up his master's eyes with that predatory gleam that turned him weak at the knees.

And even when they weren't fucking, Valois touched him at every opportunity. Not necessarily even intimately; each touch was long and loving, pulling Gunther close to him, stroking his skin, caressing his hair. Tender kisses, deep kisses that made his heart swell to bursting, featherlight kisses that made him giggle and squirm. He'd never felt so loved, so desired, so wanted.

At the end of the day, he followed Valois into the bedroom, and with a whimper of happiness he watched as the sheets were held up for him to slip into the bed, beside his beloved master. Valois's arms went around him, cradling him close.

And now, Gunther understood. He could ask for this whenever he needed it. There was no need to hold back, or to worry that he was imposing. Caring for him in this way was something that gave Valois such joy and contentment that he couldn't take that away from his master any more than he could live without it himself.

"Will we wake up at home?" he whispered, nuzzling as close as he could get to Valois's beautiful, warm body. He lifted his legs, wrapping them around Valois's waist, and all-but clinging to him.

"We will," came the soft reply. "It will be early evening there, and we will have... about two hours before Mortimer comes home. You will need that time to collect your thoughts and gather normality around you once more."

"It's going to feel really weird, being a dad again after this weekend. Being responsible and stuff."

"I will help, if necessary. Mortimer will not notice anything, even if you do slip a little, all right? I have your care in hand, mine. Always."

"Always," Gunther mumbled as he slowly drowsed into sleep, feeling Valois relax completely and utterly beneath him. "I want that in our wedding vows y'know. 'Always.' It's perfect for us."

"And so it will be. Sleep, my darling one. I love you."

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