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About halfway through the flight, Gunther excused himself and paced back to the centre of the plane. He'd hated going to the toilet mid-flight ever since he'd got caught in turbulence once - just as he'd sat down - and he'd had to hang on for dear life as the seatbelt signs lit up. He could have done with a seatbelt on the goddamn loo back then! But there was nothing for it this time, and he locked the door behind him, unzipping with relief.

He'd just finished when the door swung open and he turned with a start. To his utter relief, he saw scarlet hair and he sagged against the bathroom wall as Valois closed the door behind him.

"God, I thought I'd locked it!" he panted, his hand returning to his unzipped fly, but Valois caught that hand and held onto it.

"Uh..." What the hell is he doing?

"I was reading one of Natalie's magazines when I was in your suite the other day," Valois murmured. "That woman has far too much of a head for celebrity gossip, but I learned something new from it, nonetheless."

"What did you learn?" And are you going to let my hand go? I feel kind of... exposed here.

"That there is a rather exclusive club for those that have traveled in one of these machines."

"A club? What---? Ohhh. Oh my god, really? Us? Here? Now?!"

"You're saying no?"

"No! I mean no, I'm not saying no. Argh! Come the fuck here." Gunther closed the step between them and sealed his mouth over Valois's with a groan of, "Never thought I'd get to join the Mile High Club, even with all my travelling."

They parted moments later, and Valois whispered, "Get undressed."

"All the way?" Gunther glanced nervously at the door. "Did you lock it?"

"It will not open."

Shivering, half-excited and half-nervous, Gunther unbuttoned and took off his vest and shirt. Toeing out of his shoes and tugging off his socks, his pants and underwear were the final things to go.

"God, this feels crazy."

"Beautiful." Valois's appraisal meant everything, and the shivering slowly eased as Gunther watched that gaze take him all in. "On your knees, mon chéri. I want your mouth on me."

The corded carpet was rough on Gunther's knees as he sank down and waited for Valois to unzip his pants. But Valois simply braced himself back against the wall and looked down at him.

It took Gunther a moment to realise that he had to go for what he wanted, and once he'd got that he couldn't move fast enough, long fingers unzipping Valois's elegant black pants and reaching inside to pull his dick out into the brightly-lit air of the airplane bathroom. Eagerly, he parted his lips and leaned forward, but a graceful hand on his chin made him hesitate and look up.

"That's it," Valois whispered. "Look up at me as you do it. I want to watch you."

Gunther almost came right there and then, a soft wheeze of a moan leaving his lungs, but he did as he was told, fixing his gaze on Valois's face as he curled his tongue around the head of Valois's cock and slowly inched forward. At some point - Gunther had no idea when or how - Valois had also undressed, and the scent of his skin surrounded Gunther like a cloak.

"Your mouth was made for this." Valois's voice was low and hoarse. "This and kissing. Deeper now, beautiful one. You can take all of me."

It was difficult to keep looking up as he slid down Valois's cock, but Gunther managed to tilt his head back and not break the eye contact until the point where he had taken Valois's cock to the root and his nose was buried in the scarlet hair at his groin.

"Close your eyes, mon chéri. Be aware of where you are, and what you are doing."

I'm naked, in an airplane bathroom... on my knees and with a dick in my mouth. Oh god.

"Yes," came the whispered reply. "And you love it, don't you?"

If someone had told Gunther Goth, just a few months ago, that he would find himself in this exact situation - and loving it - he would probably have hit them. Now, though, he could only manage a faint nod... because it was true.

"Now, clasp your hands together behind your back and spread your knees wider. I want no part of you hidden from me." Valois's fingers briefly caressed Gunther's hair. "This is part of your promise to me, and the care of it is part of my promise to you."

Even as he obeyed, Gunther's mind was turning those words over. There was mention of his promise again; a promise he couldn't even remember making! But, at least, this time there was a promise in return. He had to ask Valois what these promises were, because he had no recollection of them. Maybe once they'd landed and were safely installed at... well, wherever they would be staying. A hotel, he presumed.

"You are over-thinking, mon chéri." That gentle voice broke into his reverie. "Stop it at once. Focus again on where you are and what you are doing."

It was like a mindfulness meditation, Gunther thought. And then, with his next thought he remembered he shouldn't be thinking. An amused little chuckle from above him was the response as he tried to focus as instructed. But then, another thought came to him.

Shouldn't I be doing something, rather than just kneeling here with his dick in my mouth?

The hand in his hair stroked tenderly down to his cheek. "Dear one," Valois whispered. "This is a lesson in awareness and belonging. The lesson in patience will come later."

Lessons? Gunther wanted to shift a little; the carpet under his knees was uncomfortable now. He also wanted to swallow, as his mouth was filling with saliva, but that was pretty much impossible, since Valois was so deep in his mouth that much of his focus was on simply getting enough air.

"Let it go." Valois tucked a finger into the corner of Gunther's mouth, pulling his lower lip down. Saliva trickled out, over his chin and down his throat, and he could feel the heat of a shamed blush rising up his chest.

"No secrets. No hiding," Valois murmured. "There is no 'wrong' here, when it is something that I wish. For all that I hold you here, you are - you will be - more free than you ever have been in your life. Look up at me, dear one."

Gunther couldn't even whimper as he tried to obey, that stripped and flayed raw feeling beginning to uncoil in his belly again. This time, though, instead of the implacable gaze of the bookseller, his own beautiful Valois was looking down at him, with nothing but patience and love in his eyes.

"The world has locked you up in a cage of inhibition, of propriety, mon chéri. You live by its standards, its morals, what it expects of an important businessman such as you. Your family, too, expects of its head; its husband and father. When you are in the world, you may live by its codes, but when you are with me there are no cages."

Valois's hand now slipped back up to Gunther's cheek, to stroke and caress. But Gunther's jaw remained slack as he gazed upwards, saliva trickling unchecked by embarrassment or shame now. He was learning.

"Good. You will cling to the bars and wish you were back in your cage," Valois continued. "It is a safe place that you know well. But, mon cœur, you gave me your trust, and you must now trust that I will care for you and offer you the freedom that you have only dreamed of. It is one of many gifts that I can give to you. Do you accept this gift?"

A gift of freedom? Oh god, with all my heart. Gunther nodded as best he could, and his reward was a beautiful smile and the movement - finally! - of Valois's dick in his mouth, pulling slowly out and pushing slowly in, slick and wet, and now he knew. He understood. No niceties, no propriety, no keeping things in check. Valois wanted him to suck and to drool; to be the raw and uninhibited sexual being that Valois himself was.

Or... was he? In the back of Gunther's mind he recalled the weekend they'd first spent together, when Valois had demurred at any suggestion of actual sex; content only with mouths and hands for satiation.

"There is so much work yet to be done to still your mind, my dear one." His thoughts were interrupted from above. "Your mouth is being slowly fucked and yet you're thinking of a time three months ago. Let go."

Gunther's eyelids fluttered shut and his hands twisted behind him as he struggled to do as he was told. I want... I want...

"Yes, my beautiful, perfect boy," he heard Valois whisper above him. "It's all yours. Indulge yourself."

Loosed of their self-imposed restraint, Gunther's hands both came up to the object of his obsession. One wrapped around the shaft of Valois's dick, the other cradled his balls, and Gunther finally, finally let himself go, sucking and slurping with abandon, uncaring at last for the cages that had held him back for so long.

Above him, the soft sounds of Valois panting, his encouraging groans, and the gentle push of his hips; all were his guides as he instinctively walked his knees wider apart, silently begging for some kind of attention to his own neglected cock, but getting none. He whimpered, redoubling his efforts, and Valois gasped; a long, drawn-out moan pouring into Gunther's ears even as he spilled into Gunther's mouth.

Gunther whined as Valois pulled out, the empty feeling so terrible that he lunged forward in desperation, but Valois's gentle hand on his shoulder steadied him.

"Non," Valois murmured. "I have given you what you wanted, mon chéri. Let me see you swallow it down, and then I shall give you what I want."

Obediently, Gunther closed his mouth and swallowed without giving it a second thought, then he opened his eyes and looked up at Valois. "Please," he whispered. "I-- I need to..."

"What you need and what I want are two different things, my beautiful one." Valois crouched before him, one hand reaching out. "Now, you need release, hm?"

Gunther nodded. Yes. Oh, fuck yes. If he didn't come soon he could swear he'd fucking explode or something. It didn't even occur to him to take matters, literally, into his own hands. After all, he needed to work on his obedience, didn't he?

"But that is not what I want from you." Valois's cool hand trailed down Gunther's chest, pinching a nipple as it moved, while his other hand threaded tightly into Gunther's hair. Gunther whined loudly, shooting an anxious glance at the door, fearful that he'd been heard.

"Nobody can hear you," Valois murmured. "Unless... you wish them to? Do you wish to return to your seat with the gaze of your fellow passengers on you?"

Gunther's eyes widened and he shook his head vehemently.

"Then whimper all you like, and as loudly as you like, for they will not hear you. You will have no release."

"Why not?" Gunther whined. "Please! Please... I need--"

"You need; I do not want. Mon chéri, this is your second lesson in patience." His hand cupped Gunther's twitching cock, pressing down firmly. "Beneath my hand is a cage of my will, and you are now locked inside it until I see fit to release you."

Suddenly frightened, Gunther looked down. He could see nothing as Valois took his hand away, but he could sure as hell feel something. It felt like metal bars, crushing his cock back down. It looked perfectly normal and flaccid, but felt as though it was still hard and desperate to come, and trapped in a heavy steel cage.

"What--? Oh god, Valois, please! I can't go out there like this!"

"You gave me your promise, mon cœur. Your trust, your faith, your obedience, and your love."

Gunther stared at him. "That was my promise? And I gave those to the bookseller, not to you! I mean, I... I give those to you, too, but--" He looked around, that small, lost, and confused feeling starting to take hold of him again.

"You gave them to me. My dear one, trust yourself as you did a few minutes ago when you flew beneath my touch, free of your mental cage. You are letting those bars return..."

"You put bars on me!" Gunther finally slipped a hand down to his crotch, He could, of course, feel nothing but his own genitalia. "I know they're there. It's the same thing."

"That is a cage of love. It---" Valois sighed. "Very well."

Suddenly, the feeling vanished, leaving Gunther startled. Nothing had changed beneath his hand; only the desperation and the sensation of the cage had gone. The urge was no more, but he wasn't even left with the usual post-orgasmic haze of satisfaction. He just felt... wrong, and empty.

He looked up at Valois, fearful of seeing disappointment in his eyes. There was only love, though, and he looked back down again with a whisper of, "I'm sorry. I was scared."

"You reacted as I thought you might, but especially for the first time that I did it." Valois caressed Gunther's hair, and Gunther nuzzled against his palm, desperately in need of some comfort. "Perhaps a second time, you will not feel such fear, hm?"

"Not now, though. Please?"

"Tell me why not now, mon chéri. What makes 'now' different from another time?"

"The... the plane and all the people. It's... it's so public."

"But you already know that they will see nothing unusual. They will not even notice the passage of time, since we have been in here for upwards of one hour. Indeed, I can make it appear that we never even left our seats. Do you not trust me?"

Gunther's reply was immediate. "I trust you. I always have."

"Then why so much fear?"

"It's not fear. Well, it was the first time. But, it's just--" Gunther tailed off, bright colour flushing his cheekbones.

"It's shame? Embarrassment?"

Gunther nodded.

"But what if that is something that I wish you to feel? What if this--" That cool finger stroked down the hot flush on Gunther's cheek, "--is something that I love to see? You were ashamed and embarrassed about drooling a while ago, too. And then, I think, you learned to enjoy it, did you not?"

There was a long pause, then Gunther's head went down and he nodded.

"Cages," Valois said again. "When they are cages of love, they need never be feared, because love will never hurt you."

Gunther was silent for several minutes, until he realised that Valois knew he wanted to say something and was waiting for him to speak.

He swallowed. "Do you love me?"


"Say it?"

Slowly, Valois sank to his knees and raised Gunther's face with a gentle finger under his chin. His gaze intent on Gunther's face, he smiled and whispered, "I love you, mon cœur. I would spend eternity with you."

Gunther stared at him, seeing no duplicity in his face and hearing no deception in his words. Valois loved him.

"I love you, too," he whispered. "Put it back."

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